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Best Designed J-Hook for Modern Cable Installs

HPH J-Hooks

A common sight in cable management is the J-Hook. Built like their name, J-Hooks are widely used in cable management systems due to their flexibility. They’re easy to install, and they fit into tight and hard-to-reach spaces better than expensive alternative options such as cable trays or raceways.

J-Hooks are often made from galvanized steel or plastic polymer. HPH J-hooks are a hybrid of both metal and polypropylene components, offering the best of both worlds. The plastic component provides a two inch wide base support with a slick and burr free surface. The metal component is the backbone of the hook. It provides strength while reducing cost and weight. This design provides plenty of load capacity without being bulky or inconvenient to install.

HPH J-Hooks come in four sizes, the HPH16 (1”), HPH32 (2”), HPH48 (3”), and the HPH64 (4”) for all your cable management needs. The largest size, HPH64, has a cable capacity of up to three hundred and thirty Cat5e cables. All four sizes can be flush mounted for easy installation and are available pre-assembled to the most common fasteners, the Batwing clip and the 90° Angle Clip.

There are additional options for special-order custom attachments. These attachments include the Steel Beam Clamp, Spring Steel Beam Clamp, Hammer-On Beam Clamp, Vertical Overhang clip for “C” Purlin and the Angled Overhang clip for “Z” Purlin. All of these attachments are UL listed to help maintain quality standards.

Tired of fighting to put cable ties on your J-Hooks? HPH J-Hooks eliminate the need for cable ties or Velcro straps with their new Snap-Lock technology. The Snap-Lock is easy to use, snapping in and out of the built-in latch to secure cables. If you use HPH J-Hooks for your cable management solution and find you must add additional cables after the initial installation, then the Snap-Lock easily un-snaps to add cables without fighting with finicky cable ties.

With an industry leading average bend radius of 3.57”, HPH J-Hooks meet and exceed TIA’s bend radius standards. This prevents deformation to the cables such as indentations, pinches, or creases, making it easy for these J-Hooks to support high-performance cables, such as the Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, and fiber optic cable types, while maintaining the high standards necessary to prevent cable interference.

HPH J-Hooks are cULus Listed, Plenum Rated, Q-Lab tested, RoHS compliant, and TIA compliant, giving you the highest quality cable management materials for all your cable installation needs.

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