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Net Prowler Pro Test Kit TNP850K1

“Net Prowler™ combines network testing (physical layer and link), cable verification and troubleshooting, and PoE voltage testing in a handheld tester with a full-color display…all with the capability of saving and printing test results from a personal computer,” explained George Jang, Platinum Tools product manager. “The Net Prowler™ provides full cable testing on any category network, coax, or telephone cable. It will display wire map, numbered ID remotes, and any faults, including shorts, opens, miswires, split pairs, and reverses.”

The full-featured Net Prowler™ measures cable length (using TDR technology) and generates tone levels for signal tracing and cable identification on all pairs, a selected pair, or a selected pin. The unit also enables quick identification of a network drops link capability and current link status. Net Prowler™ also tests the presence of PoE on the network drop and what class of PoE per IEEE 802.3 af/at with load test for voltage drop. These network tests can also be saved for record keeping and printing.

Additional Net Prowler specs and features include:

  • Supports IPV4 and IPV6 protocols
  • Verifies DHCP connectivity and DNS
  • Pings IPV4, IPV6, and URL addresses
  • CDP, LLDP, NDP, and VLAN detection
  • TCP/UDP Throughput Test
  • Tests and reports current link speed and link capabilities for active Ethernet drops up to 1 Gbps
  • Link light to identify location on a hub/switch/router port

Tests CAT3/5e/6/6a Ethernet cable configuration and verifies connectivity while conducting tests for opens, shorts, miswires, split pairs, and reverses

  • Supports up to eight testing and ID remotes for network and telephone cables
  • Supports up to 20 network and coax ID-only mapping remotes
  • Ability to define network test name, cable name, save and print all results (cable testing and network testing)
  • Tone Frequencies: 730 Hz and 1440 Hz
  • Languages English, French, Spanish
  • Cable Testing and ID: up to 1,000 ft (305 m)
  • Split Pair Detection: 3 ft (1 m) to 1,000 ft (305 m)
  • Length Measurement: 0 to 1,500 ft (457 m), ± (5%+1 ft)
  • Supports eight continuity and ID number remotes (RJ45)
  • Supports 20 RJ45 and 20 F connector ID only remotes
  • Enclosure: high-strength PC/ABS plastic with V0 rating with boot; withstands four foot drops onto concrete
  • Size: 1.85 in. H x 3.6 in. W x 6.8 in. L (4.7 x 9.15 x 17.3 cm)
  • Weight (with batteries): 1 lb 2 oz (510 g)
  • Safety Compliances: CE
  • Warranty: One Year

Packed together with different adapters in a hard-shell carrying case, the Net Prowler™ Pro Test Kit offers the professional installer a complete and versatile solution at a significantly reduced price than if each component was purchased separately.

The Net Prowler Pro Test Kit (p/n TNP850K1) includes:

  • Net Prowler™ Main Unit
  • #1-8 Network/Tel Test and ID Smart Remotes
  • #1-8 ID and Test Coax Remote Set
  • #1-12 ID-only Data Remote Set
  • Micro USB Cable
  • No-Fault Cable – (Qty 2)
  • RJ45 Port Saver
  • RJ45 Alligator 12 Inch
  • F Female to F Female Adapter F81 – (Qty 2)
  • BNC Female-to-F Female Adapter
  • BNC Female-to-F Male Adapter
  • Durable Plastic Case
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Activation Card
  • Net Prowler TNP700 with Hanging Pouch

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