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Ethernet Speed Certification & Network Testing

The Net Chaser™ has the ability to verify the length of each network cable and identify cable faults and limitations that interfere with network capabilities including split pairs, shorts and open circuits. Additional features include network pinging, DHCP, VLAN, link light identification to verify to which ports cables are connected, and the measurement of PoE and more. The Net Chaser™ can also measure the Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Delay Skew as well as a 1 Gbps Bit-Error-Rate Test to help identify reasons for poor network capability.


The increased use of cloud computing and cloud storage has demonstrated the inadequacies of many internet connections. Even within large organizations, LAN bandwidth is often nowhere near the theoretical capability of the connection.
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How to deliver professional cable and network testing documentation

Professional cable installers want to exhibit the highest level of quality and standards in offering services to the customer.
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Net Chaser vs CableIQ

Comparing product features, it comes down to this: a worker’s everyday results define the value of a tool.
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Net Chaser vs Cable Certifiers

At as much as one-fifth the cost of a laboratory maintained device, multifunction devices can be used to keep the build on track, generate data, watch for faults, and provide detailed reports.
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Ethernet Speed Certification White Paper

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