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Flex Connector

There’s a new, flexible way to wire Ethernet. Cable sizes, high data rates, punchdown problems and bend radii are giving us copper headaches when we’re doing custom IT jobs or large-scale wiring. The Flex Connector looks like something we’d imagine, ready to solve headaches easily and let us go full steam ahead with our wiring, even in awkward locations.

The Flex Connector solves:

  • Limited tool selection needed — no crimp tool required!
  • Fast termination — set it up, close it and go
  • Terminate new larger cable O.D. sizes easily.

Does the Job, Meets the Standards 106230 Cat6A Flex Connector, Shielded

The Cat6A Flex Connector is not just a new RJ45 connector: it’s a completely redesigned connector, using new technologies like flexible circuit board material to do its job correctly and still meet standards such as EIA/TIA-568-C.2 and TIA 1096-A like a champ.

Since the Flex Connector meets so many needs, it’s certified for many different applications. From ESS to plenum, factory floor to office environment, it’s ready to do the right job with a secure connection.

Solves Appearance Problems, Too

Cables sprout straight out from wall plates, creating unsightly cable routing, trip hazards, and the risk of furniture bumping and damaging the entire assembly. With 90 degree turns cables drop directly from wall connections, clinging to the wall and staying discreetly out of the way.

Desktop devices from PCs to routers and peripheral equipment don’t have to be placed to leave room for cable bends. Devices can be nearly flush with the wall as the cable drops away at 90 degrees, dressed and routed cleanly and professionally. It’s not just for Cat6A; any RJ45 connection can use a Flex Connector RJ45!

106220 Cat6A Flex Connector, Non-ShieldedSpecialized Applications

Rated for Electronic Safety and Security applications, Cat6A Flex Connectors make it easy to connect IP cameras, access control devices, and other network hardware that requires a direct, sometimes awkward connection rather than a wall plate and jumper which can create security and reliability issues. Running Ethernet to AV controls in the wall, carrying long-haul HDMI to projection systems, or wiring a broadcast studio, it meets the physical connection needs and handles up to 10 Gig data traffic with ease.

Snaking up a conduit to connect to an IP camera, the Flex Connector makes direct connections with authority. It’s plenum rated, so it’s also excellent for routing to access points and other devices distributed throughout a building. With easy 45 and 90 degree turns, you can avoid damaging tight radius bends and the stress they put on both cable and connector.

Flex Connector

Simple Termination

Strip-organize-terminate is an easy way to remember the steps for adding a Flex Connector to your quality cable. There’s not much more to it: organize to the wiring code after stripping, terminate without a tool, and test. Faster and more reliable termination, plus more flexibility!

Get Informed; Start Solving Problems

Putting any new product into play requires verification that it’s suitable for the job, and gaining some knowledge of how to use it. For the first, check out this white paper: it covers questions and concerns, and gives lots of good news about all the problems you can solve with the Cat 6A Flex Connector.

To put the Cat6A Flex Connector connectors into practice, this datasheet shows the short and sweet process for terminating with the Flex Connector: it’s easy to do but still good to be confident that you’re following an established procedure. Download, check them out, and start thinking of all the applications you’ll be using Flex Connectors for right away.

Cat6a Flex Connector White Paper

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