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SealSmart™ RG-6 Coax Stripper (SealSmart™ Color-code Black) P/N 15022C


Quick Tips

Combing Your Braid, Coax stripping EZ!:

Tired of pulling the braid back over your coax cable jacket and getting little pieces of braid in your fingers?

Do it the EZ way! Cut a small piece of Velcro, the 'prickly' side, and stick it on the side of your coax stripper. You now have a comb to brush back the braid over the jacket. You will be happy with how nice and even the braid looks and your fingers will be happy too!

Listen To Your Stripper, Your Coax stripper!:

When stripping coax, do not turn your tool around as though it were a propeller.

As you rotate your tool, listen to the cutting of the braid and when it stops talking to you, turn another 1/8 to a 1/4 turn, open tool and remove the stripper. When rotating, be sure the hand that is holding the cable is supporting the cable immediately next to the tool. Allow no cable play!

'POP' Your Cable Jacket, No more knicks.:

When using your Cat5 Cable Jacket Stripper, do not rotate it around & around & around. You want to score the jacket, not cut through it. Then remove the tool, and slightly bend the cable where it is scored and it will 'pop' and separate, viola! This way you will know for sure you have 'no' nicks on the conductors.

FREE TOOL, Twisted Pair Separator, Who says nothing's free?:

What do you do with the small piece of twisted pair cable jacket when you remove it, exposing the 4 pairs to prep for terminating?

Don't throw it away! It's a free tool & handy too. You can use it to separate the individual wire pairs by simply pushing and turning at the same time. Be sure to turn in the opposite direction of the twist and open up each pair end down to the cable jacket. For a professional version of your free tool, separator, take your scissors and cut jacket at an angle!

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