Cable and Network Tester Comparison Chart

Mapmaster 2.0
MapMaster 2.0
Mapmaster 3.0
MapMaster 3.0
Cable Prowler
Cable Prowler
Net Prowler
Net Prowler
Net Chaser
Net Chaser
Ethernet Speed Certification
Bit Error Rate Testing, Signal to Noise Ratio and Delay Skew
TDR technology
Capacitance Length
Detect Opens, Shorts, Miswires, Reverses, Split pairs
Measures Length to Opens & ShortsOpens onlyOpens only
Measures Length of cable
Verifies Continuity (RJ45, RJ11,Coax)RJ45 only
One-ended testing
Tone Generation
Identification Remotes (ID only) Ntwk & Coax 1-191-201-201-201-20
Testing & ID Remotes (1-8) Ntwk & Tel
Interface connectionRJ45 onlyRJ45/F conn/RJ11RJ45/F conn/RJ11RJ45/F connRJ45/F connRJ45/F conn
Screen typeNo screen/LED’sLCD no colorBacklit LCD no colorLCD Color LCD ColorLCD Color Touch
Save and export test results
Battery Type9V9V9VAAAARechargeable lithium ion
Active Network Tests
Active Ethernet (Link Capability & Link Status)
Detects PoE/PoE+, PoE class, and load test for voltage drop
Link Light
IPv4 Support
IPv6 Support
VLAN discovery
Discovery Protocols (CDP, LLDP)(CDP, LLDP)
Port Discovery
Network Mapping
Number of Targets10+8
URL entry
Manual address entry