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  • ezEX-RJ45® Termination System

    Our new system provides a solution for terminating larger diameter twisted-pair cables, with conductor sizes up to .048”.

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  • The Net Chaser™ Ethernet Speed Certifier & Network Tester

    Offers a complete solution to test and speed certify the data-carrying capabilities of Ethernet network cables up to 1 Gb/s

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  • Cat6A Flex Connector

    The unique patented design ensures top tier performance for Cat6A and Cat7 cabling

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  • Fault Trapper™Arc Fault Circuit Tester and Fault Locator

    Stop guessing about circuit breaker tripping issues! See why, when & where a circuit breaker trips!

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  • Structured Wiring

    Patch panels are an efficient and convenient solution to terminating all the cable runs coming in from various rooms to one main location

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  • 8-in-1 Ratcheted Stubby Screwdriver

    Platinum Tools 8-in-1 Ratcheted Stubby Screwdriver is the perfect tool for those cramped spaces.

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